About Us

Food Brings People Together

Here at Sunflower Kitchen, food is what brings people together, people share their culture and heritage through food. One way we are bringing people together is by making meal time easier so there’s more time to spend together with families and friends. No chopping or prep required, just ready to eat meals from scratch. Another way we acheive this is by connecting to one another culturally through a meal. We offer dishes you want to eat but rarely seek out from different regional cusines and fusion dishes. Lastly, food brings us to together through our classic dishes, those that remind us of our childhood.

We understand that whatever your lifestyle, making time to cook a healthy meal daily – there just isn’t enough time. We make your daily packed schedule more manageable by delivering to your location.

Our team of active food enthusiasts noticed ourselves and a lot of other people around us were struggling with the same issue: making time to cook a nutritious food on a daily basis.



Creating Healthy Customizable Options

We are creating better eating habits with clean meals prepared with healthy proteins, nutritious carbohydrates, colorful vegetables and good fats. We offer small batch meals, homemade from scratch without any additives, processed, artificial or chemical ingredients.

We strive for to be eco-friendly by packing our meals in compostable sugar bagasse takeout containers. 
On location at our markets, we use bamboo utensils and recycled wood fiber food trays.